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As I’ve been working on this new digital portfolio over the last few months, it has been interesting to look back at nineteen years worth of work and decide what makes the cut to be featured in my portfolio and what doesn’t. I have sure created a lot of stuff in nineteen years…and that’s on top of my student work which I still have.

I ran across one item that I was really conflicted about. It was done in my first year out of college and definitely not what I would consider my BEST work. But it holds a special place in my heart and so I felt like I needed to feature it in some way…so it becomes my first blog post here on my new website.

My Citibank credit card was having a holiday card design contest. The theme was world peace. This was my entry.

And I won! My design was printed and sent out to millions of Citibank cardholders that holiday season. I was featured in the local paper too! Pretty cool for a young twenty-something designer just out of college.

Oh, and there was a cash prize. Which I used to pay for my fiance’s wedding band. Money well spent since we’ve now been married for eighteen years!

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